Lower Utility Bills

  • Saving Money. Not only spending less money on electricity and heating cost, maintenance can catch minor repairs before they turn into major repairs of replacements.

Healthy Air

  • Properly Maintained HVAC will prevent problems with the air quality. Cleaning filters and coils regularly mean better breathing for the office, better air flow and clean ducts.
    • When filters become dirty, and air flow is reduced, it strains the fan motor to work harder which in turn causes more energy to be used. Prolonged periods of strain on the motor will cause it to burn out which will need to be replaced. Another concern for your HVAC equipment is heat may build up around the heat exchanger in the winter. This can lead to cracks in the heat exchanger. If this is not repaired, it can cause system failure, release of carbon monoxide gas into the building or fire.
    • Dirty filters mean dirt can end up in your ductwork which can compromise the air quality or end up back into the HVAC equipment. It also means your coils could become dirty causing your units to freeze due to lack or airflow. This can cause a system to fail and require replacement.
    • HVAC units are breading grounds for mold, dirt and other bacteria if they are not maintained. All of which can cause respiratory issues. 

Life of the System

  • Consider the amount it cost to install new HVAC equipment, wouldn’t you want to keep the unit running as long as possible? With proper care and maintenance, a unit can last 10+ years. Maintenance is key.

Less Emergency Repairs

  • Regularly maintained units are less likely for fail during the peak months of June through September and December through March. Keeping units up to date on all inspection and maintenances means less worry that the unit will stop operating properly during peak seasons.